Ask the Psychic Medium

Ask the Psychic Medium

Since Lynn has such a dedicated following, we thought our first blog post should be about them. We asked fans on Facebook to tell us what questions they’ve had for Lynn, but never asked. We got some good ones! Thanks to everyone who participated and read Lynn’s answers below.

Client Question: Do you actually hear the voice of the person who has crossed over?
Lynn Leclere: I hear a voice, but it’s not necessarily the voice of that person. Sometimes it sounds as if they’re in a tunnel. Think of it like a radio station. It can go in and out, and there are times the station is tuned in better than others. Keep in mind that there are ways other than through voice that a person can communicate things. Spirits can also use symbols, or even send me to a different astral plane so I can remote view the place what they want to show me. Sometimes a spirit will even put a sensation in me if I’m not hearing them clearly. It’s a spirit’s decision how they communicate things to me.

I always say that if the person was a good communicator down here, then they’ll likely be a good communicator up there, because it’s all a part of their soul.

Q: Do you see spirits like you would in a movie?
LL: It’s more holographic than that. And it’s only if they want to show themselves. They also choose what age they want to appear, so I don’t necessarily see them as they were when they passed. It’s usually when they felt good.

Q: Do you ever get messages when you aren’t trying to?
LL: Yes. In a state of relaxation—like in the middle of the night or in the shower. When I’m relaxing, spirits will sometimes come in. Especially when it’s urgent.

Q: Do you ever see clients’ spirits before their appointment?
LL: Yes. Sometimes. Sometimes they’ll come early, like at four in the morning. They’ll often be pacing out of excitement and waiting for the person to come. But that doesn’t happen all of the time.

Q: Should a client be disappointed if they’re not there at four in the morning?
LL: No. [laughs] They always show up!

Q: Have you found that the spirits of our loved ones who have crossed over have the ability to help us?
LL: Yes, they do to a certain degree. They can’t impinge on our free will. We have to ask for help. But in an emergency—a car accident, fall, etc—they can sometimes assist—like go underneath us (for example), when it’s not our time—to actually save us.

Q: How do we ask for help from our spirits?
LL: Quiet yourself and then, whether in your mind or out loud, ask for help. Just in the asking, we are giving spirits permission to intervene.

Q: Is doing it out loud stronger than in our mind?
LL: No. It’s about the energy being sent.

Q: Spirits hear our thoughts?
LL: Not all of our thoughts, but they do hear some. It’s telephathic. It’s about energy. Especially when you’re thinking of them. They’re more aware of things on the other side—of how their actions while they were living either helped or hurt us. It’s not that they’re changed on the other side though. People think you’re heavenly when you go to the other side, but that’s not so. When you go to the other side, there is an awareness of how what you did affected others.

Q: If a spirit sees that their actions hurt someone while they were living, what are their options?
LL: They can try to help, but also, they have counseling from the other side that they can go into. They are usually very sorry for what they’ve done because then they become aware and conscious.

Q: Do you see color around the person? Like auras?
LL: No, not really. I sometimes see an outline of them or their features. It depends how they appear. I guess it’s the strength of the spirit, but I think it’s not always important.

Q: What can we do to try to connect with relatives who have passed?
LL: Spirits are always trying to show us signs. Talk to them. They will hear you. Ask for them to show signs. You have to be specific about what sign you want. They will try. For example, you can say “Please leave me dimes.”

They try to answer things through license plates, songs, signs, etc. We have to be aware. They are trying to show signs all the time.

Q: Can a spirit be in two places at once?
LL: They can instantly go from one place to another. There’s no time there.

Q: How does it work when a spirit speaks a different language than you? Does that matter? LL: They do speak their native language sometimes. [Laughs] Sometimes I’ve taken on people’s accents. It gets interpreted in my head in English. Sometimes things can get lost in translation though—remember it’s like tuning into a radio station.


There you have it. Any surprises in Lynn’s answers? Leave a comment below!

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