This is my first time seeing a medium. How does a session work?

Lynn works in a very informal, comforting environment. At the beginning of a session, Lynn will center herself and focus her breathing so that she can concentrate fully on connecting to spirits. From there, she will pass along information she’s getting as well as ask you any questions that come up for her. You are also more than welcome to ask her any questions you may have regarding her process.

Do I need to bring anything to my session?

Lynn does not require you to bring photographs or memorabilia of people with whom you would like to connect. If it brings you comfort to bring these items, you are more than welcome, but it is not necessary for Lynn’s work. She does however ask that you record your session using either a tape recorder or your cell phone. It is easy to forget or miss things Lynn may say in a session, recording it prevents you from feeling like you missed some information. Clients also sometimes like to listen to the recording a year or so later as a way to look back on the year as a whole. Lynn also encourages you to take notes in case the recording does not come through or something especially pertinent to you is discussed.

Is Lynn psychic?

Yes. Lynn is a medium and a psychic. All mediums are psychics but not all psychics are mediums. In your session, you may receive guidance about your future. Keep in mind, however, that Lynn believes that everyone has free will.  Her work as a medium has been certified by the Forever Family Foundation.

I’m not in the New York area. Does Lynn do phone appointments?

Yes! Lynn offers appointments in-person and over the phone. For phone appointments, payment is required prior to your session. For pricing information you can visit our page here.

Does Lynn do parties/groups?

Yes. Group sessions can be arranged and planned individually. Please call 516-484-6049 to discuss your group session further.

I need to see Lynn ASAP. Does she take emergency appointments?

Unfortunately, Lynn books up well in advance (sometimes over a year). While there is a wait list you can be added to, we recommend you make an appointment for her next available time slot. This guarantees that you will be able to see her.

How does Lynn work?

Spiritual Mediums can work in many different ways. Many are trained in the craft, but Lynn was born with this gift. She hears voices, sees symbols and/or pictures, and sometimes sees spirits. You are welcome to ask her any questions you have about her process. For more information, check out this blog post that addressed some client questions about how Lynn’s process works and about her experiences in dealing with spirits.

**Please remember that Lynn’s services are provided for entertainment purposes only and should never be used in replace of professional advice including (but not limited to) anything, medical, financial, or legal.  

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