IMG_0821For over two decades, Lynn Leclere has had the joy of fulfilling her calling as a Spiritual Medium and Psychic. She has been certified by the  Forever Family Foundation, an organization that conducts research into Afterlife Science and the continuation of consciousness. Since then, she has worked to help people connect with family and friends who have passed on.

While many spiritual mediums have been trained in the craft, Lynn was born with her abilities. From a very young age, and before she understood her gift, Lynn could hear, and sometimes even see, spirits. As she grew to understand her gift, Lynn recognized this as her life’s purpose.  She believes that sitting with a spiritual medium can and should be a profound, comforting, and thought-provoking experience. With that in mind, she asks that all her clients record their sessions so that they can re-play the conversation at any time.

Lynn is located in Roslyn Heights, Long Island. To make an appointment, please call 516-484-6049. Get pricing information here.

To find out more about the Forever Family Foundations, rigorous Medium Evaluation Certification Process, you can read more here.

Note: Lynn’s psychic medium work is for entertainment purposes only and never intended to take the place of any advice that includes (but is not limited to) medical, legal, or financial. Additionally, the information that Lynn provides is for entertainment purposes only, and she is not responsible for actions, decisions, or choices taken by a client. 

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